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Our Philosophy and Approach
The Learning Garden is a specialized early children centre directed at the creative development of a child's social, emotional and academic skills.
The Learning Garden's pre-school programmes are aimed at developing:-
A socially confident child capable of self-discipline when he interacts with friends and adults.
A child who can participate in group activities both as a leader and a follower.
A child's awareness of his environment and the acquisition of general knowledge through self-discovery.
A life-long curiosity towards learning and knowledge.
A child's multi-linguistic skills through the immersion of 2-3 languages in the school social setting.
The fine motor skills of a child through art and craft, fine hand-eye coordination activities, and the large motor skills through outside play activities, rhythmic games and music.
Good self-esteem through positive experiences in all activities.
Our Approach
Our approach is learning the fun and creative way. Our activities are designed to allow the children to express themselves and make decision on their own. They challenge the mind and free it to discover and to explore. We believe that this will build a sound foundation for all future learning. Our approach emphasizes "hands-on" and "brain-on" experiences, so that they can own their knowledge, build on it and use it to grow and influence the growth of others. We strive to use various creative forms including art and craft, music, drama, movement and group dynamic games as tools of expression.
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