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    Parent-Toddler Programme
    Research has shown that some 50% of a child's brain capacity is developed during the first 3 years of his life. We strive to provide an environment which contains materials that are stimulating, challenging and enriching to help a child achieve his fullest potential. Our objective is to improve parenting skills of toddlers and to provide an environment that is secure and stimulating to allow the parents and children an opportunity to reach out and explore.
    Our goals for the parents are :

    Spend quality time with your child
    Be aware of normal range of development
    Better understanding of your child's behaviour
    Be exposed to and consider other parenting styles
    Our goals for the toddlers are :

    Meet and be with other children
    Learn some basic social skills
    Enhance language skills
    Develop physical and cognitive skills
    We believe children are explorers. Toddlers learn by :

    Doing - Toddlers learn best when they are engaged actively in challenging and meaningful activities, such as dressing up in hats and scarves to pretend to be mommy in the dramatic play area or using a paintbrush and paper to create a rainbow in the art area. The Learning Garden provides toddlers with lots of opportunities to engage in singing, dancing, reading and jumping.

    Observing - Toddlers learn "how the world works" by observing and interacting with objects around them. For instance, boats in a tub of water will stay on top (float), but a toy car falls to the bottom (sinks). Our facilitators provide an environment that allows toddlers to make observations and ask questions about the world around them.

    Playing - Play is a child's work. Play is the way children make sense of their world and is the natural way to learn. Play is self initiated, spontaneous, a way of finding out about people, a way of learning to interact with people, a means of thinking, a means of developing and practicing skills, a way of nurturing creativity and a means of self-expression.
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